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Celebrate everyday moments that make memories

Givamaze is a purpose-built mobile platform for hyper-personalized, thoughtful, everyday gifting, sharing, and celebrating moments, memories & milestones.

Givamaze drops can be sent instantly to anyone for any place.

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Why Giveamaze?

While Givamaze is of course here for birthdays, anniversaries, and significant life milestones, what we’re here for is the everyday - the simple moments, the often-missed opportunities for celebration, the memories that pop up at random times throughout our days. We’re here for the “just because,” “way to go” and “thinking of you” moments of life.

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Why Now?

Givamaze helps minimize the distance that exists across those moments between us and the people in our lives. The last few years have tested our relationships and we believe that by filling that space with a gift & personalized messaging we rebuild our bond to each other. Because we all know that you get more when you Giveamaze.


Thoughtfully creative drop builder

Givamaze is completely streamlined and works similar to most P2P platforms and everyday apps that you use. Choose a recipient, set the amount, and build a completely personalized and thoughtful multimedia drop with images, audio, video, and text!


Text Pages

Type short haiku's or long soliloquies with fully custom formatting.

Audio Pages

Create your own musical greeting card with a built in audio recorder.

Video Pages

Take a selfie or upload a video to attach to your drop!

Image Pages

Find free use images right in app or upload your own!


Redeem on Location, Remember Forever

The Giveamaze drop will be unlocked when you visit the location and the accompanying card will be there forever. This memory can be revisited whenever and wherever it is needed. We invite you to download our app and join our community of givers today.

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Get started gifting thoughtfully

We believe Givamaze drops are like those hands that keep our relationships connected.

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